Elizabethan Blackwork


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The Designer

Paula Kate Marmor taught introductory Blackwork Embroidery at the Renaissance Pleasure Faires in California from 1985-1990.

She was the editor of Legends, an online journal of heroic tales in history, literature, folklore, fiction and the arts, and is a frequent contributor to Wikipedia in the areas of historic costume and textile arts.

By avocation she is a graphic designer and essayist with a passion for historic costume, swashbucklers, and fantasy fiction. She designed the Fantasy Association newsletter Fantasiae for many years.

She lives in a 1930s cottage in a woodsy pocket of the San Fernando Valley, and earns her book money working in media technologies for a major entertainment company.

The Drawing Tools

The blackwork patterns are drawn in Microsoft Visio, using a custom Visio template of blackwork elements. It sure beats pencils and graph paper.


For more information about blackwork embroidery (in books and on the Web), see the bibliography.

All patterns, text, and illustrations are copyright 1985-2012 Paula Katherine Marmor.

Created 28 March 1996
Last Updated 21 January 2012