Elizabethan Blackwork


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This pattern started as an experiment to see if I could create a pattern that looked like windblown flowers on a spring day. The result is interesting, but doesn't have much period feel.

Look what happens when we rotate the design 90 degrees and make a mirror image.


Rotation1 This pattern could be used in vertical bands on a sampler, chemise, or apron.
Rotation 2 This denser variant would be great down the outside of an Elizabethan shirt sleeve. Note the slight variation with every other repeat - print out the pattern and make up your own!
Rotation 3 To use the same pattern as a spot motif (say, on a tea towel), make as many repetitions as you like and finish off the top.

Pattern and text copyright 2005 Paula Katherine Marmor.
Created 15 May 2005

Last Updated 15 May 2005