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For several years, I taught introductory blackwork embroidery at the "Schole of Needleworke" at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, and discovered that I much prefer designing embroidery to actually working it. Between 1985 and 1990, I self-published three booklets of hand-drawn embroidery designs for costume under the series title Elizabethan Blackwork. This archive contains the "best of" those booklets, with much cleaner patterns, plus many new designs.

A Note on Authenticity: These patterns are inspired by historical needlework of sixteenth and seventeenth century England, but they are all original designs.

Machine embroidery: While I want to encourage handwork, I understand that many costumers are more interested in clothing construction than embellishment. I'm delighted to let you know that you can download digitized versions of several of my patterns free from Thredworks - check them out at http://thredworks.com/blakwrk.htm and http://thredworks.com/bw2001.htm. [Links updated.]

-- Paula Kate Marmor




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Using These Patterns: These patterns may be downloaded and printed for personal or educational use. Please credit this source on any copies you distribute.

You may use these patterns to embroider clothing, costumes, and accessories, and you are free to sell the items you make. You may not sell the patterns themselves in hardcopy or in digitized form, and you may not reprint or repost the patterns in any form without my express permission. When in doubt, please email pkm@pobox.com.

Downloading and Printing Patterns

To print a pattern, click the pattern image to open it on its own page and use your browser's "Print" button or menu.

To download a pattern and save it on your hard disk, right-click [PC] or Option-click [Mac] the pattern, and choose "Save as ..." or "Save image as..." from the pop-up menu.

All patterns, text, and illustrations are copyright 1985-2005 Paula Katherine Marmor.

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