Elizabethan Blackwork


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Coronets (Variant 1)

Blackwork Pattern - Coronets 1 [22KB]

These two patterns are the result of an attempt to recreate in blackwork the mullions "tied" with crowns that are a recurring motif in European textiles of the fourteenth through seventeenth centuries (particularly brocaded silks).

William Morris used similar patterns as sources for some of his fabric and wallpaper designs.

While the inspiration is period, I should point out that I know of no surviving blackwork patterns based on the repeating motifs typical of silk-weaving.

Coronets (Variant 2)

Balckwork Pattern - Coronets 2 [22KB]

All patterns, text, and illustrations are copyright 1985-2002 Paula Katherine Marmor.
Created 2 September 1997
Last Updated 11 November 2001