Elizabethan Blackwork

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

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An Herbal Border

Parsley, Sage ... [17KB]

Many of us knew these four herbs before we could cook, courtesy of Simon and Garfunkle's "Scarborough Fair", which is based on an old riddle song "The Cambric Shirt". Recreationists should note that the refrain parsely, sage, rosemary and thyme can only be traced back to the nineteenth century - it may be a corruption of an old refrain, "every heart grows merry in time".

A Reversible Herbal Border

Parsley, Sage... [21KB]

This version features a reversing repeat. All of these herbs grow in my garden.

Pattern and text copyright 2000 Paula Katherine Marmor.
Created 4 March 2001

Last Updated 6 March 2005